Job Hunting Strategies

I’ve been delivering speeches and presentations about job hunting strategies and career planning for years now. My audiences were a wonderful mix throughout this journey; ranging from grade school students all the way to junior position staff.

The most common thing about all of them was: they didn’t have a career plan and didn’t know how to find jobs that matched their skills, and didn’t know how to approach employers.

Bahrain is a small country, and we joke about how everyone knows each other. This prompts a challenge to job seekers because networks play a major role in filling those vacant positions. Some call it networking, others call it pulling strings. I say if you have the right skills, attitude, and strategy, you’ll be able to get that job interview and impress the potential employer.

I’ve recently compiled my experience in this field in a short eBook: Get the Job You Want. In it, I’ve included how job seekers can plan a straightforward strategy to job hunting. Here is a link:

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So what job hunting strategies do you follow, and what stories do you have about interviews and job application success?