An Excellent Customer Experience with MOO

Design and print customized business cards with MOO! This is the website description that appears to you when you search for MOO on Google. This online business offers its customers the ability to create beautiful, expertly crafted business stationery and promotional materials through an easy to use web interface. MOO’s promise to its customers is: “When we say we’re not happy until you’re happy, we really do mean it”, and I attest to that.

I recently made an order with MOO. I wanted premium and customized business cards at an affordable price; so I turned to MOO. The experience was simple and straightforward. I created an account, chose a designed, customized the design a little bit with their easy to use interface, printed a proof of concept to make sure I liked what I’m about to order, inserted my shipping address and I was done.

What I didn’t expect was this, somehow my order was misplaced and I received someone else’s business cards. Apparently the shipping labels were mixed-up, because the other person received my cards. I wasn’t bothered or frustrated at all. Mistakes do happen. I was though a little disappointed that my first order wasn’t very successful, but that was it.

What truly mattered to me was what happened after I got in touch with MOO to fix the error. I went online and explained the issue with their customer service representative via LiveChat. Nick (MOO’s customer service representative) was very responsive and didn’t take much time to investigate the issue. He asked about my order number, what the issue was, and almost immediately issued a reprint of my order. I didn’t have to even ask!

But wait, it gets better. MOO decided to upgrade my shipping option to expedite the card’s arrival to my door steps.

Again, I stress the notion that I didn’t ask for anything. It was simply MOO’s desire to ensure that I, the customer, had nothing less of an excellent and memorable customer experience.

The Science

Actually there is a science behind all of this. A study by Aspect Software and The Center for Generational Kinetics issued last year found that:

76% of consumers say they view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them. (Aspect)

Another study by Temkin Group concluded that

Loyal customers are 5x as likely to repurchase, 5x as likely to forgive, 7x as likely to try a new offering, and 4x as likely to refer. (Temkin Group)

There are many business out there that could learn a lesson or two from MOO:

  • Ensure an excellent customer experience for your clients to obtain their loyalty, not just satisfaction.
  • Empower your customer service staff to take action when things go wrong; because it really wouldn’t make sense for me to wait until Nick went back to his boss, explained the situation, and decided what to do next.

So will I order from MOO again? You bet I will. I’m telling the whole world right now about their promise of ensuring the customer’s happiness. Was I annoyed that my order was misplaced? Not at all. Who would get annoyed with such business that accepts its mistakes and ensures that you’re happy!?