Value of Training & Development

Training may be the most obvious, but most overlooked strategy for greater productivity.


Training can be expensive, in terms of both time and money. Every hour employees are training they are not directly, immediately productive. Projects can be delayed. But if you think of training as an investment, rather than an expense, you can reap substantial rewards.

A properly trained employee gets work done faster, is more productive, and makes fewer errors. But training also inspires employee confidence. Well-trained, confident employees are more likely to suggest process improvements and work beyond their job description.

Training also creates a company-wide baseline of knowledge. Team members can help new employees get up to speed faster, and can easily fill-in at other jobs when needed.

In addition to training people for specific jobs, consider classes in general industry knowledge. Your employees want your business to succeed. Their livelihood depends on it! Helping them understand how their job fits into the bigger picture of the company and industry will connect them to your mission and goals.